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Here in North Wales we have some of the best rivers in the UK to raft on.

We have a choice of two locations and two different types of experience although our primary run departs from Bala which is a dam controlled river. If there is no release we will relocate to the Dee in Llangollen another primo run!

1.The River Tryweyrn. 5km of grade 2 - 4 river.

2.The River Dee. A grade 2 - 4 whitewater river with 3kms of continuous rapids. 

Each of these rivers can be rafted by ages 10 and above and trips are designed to suit the clients. 

Come along and try them out!!!

If you have done this before in Wales why not take advantage of our rafting in Scotland. We have a number of sessions available to the eager rafter.  

Locations Available: Llangollen River Dee, Bala River Treweryn

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River Tryweryn, Bala

Putting in at the top of the river leaves a rafting journey of 5km in front of you. It's a steep, rocky course and the river is classed as a grade 2/4. (This is a Worldwide accepted rating that grades the technical difficulty of rapids on a river. Grade 1 is gentle flowing water, and grade 6 is considered commercially un-runnable). 

You will put onto the river after a full safety brief with your guides.

The river gradually builds through rapids like "Long left" and "Bouncing Rock" on it's way towards Bala.

You'll pay a visit to "Dump Truck Eddy" and your trip will culminate with a descent of "Bala Mill Falls" the biggest drop on the entire river! 

Prices from: £55 PER PERSON including all equipment and instruction   

The River Dee, Llangollen

Starting April 2013 we are taking bookings for our exciting Whitewater rafting trips down the mighty River Dee.  

Sessions will last for 2 hours during which time you will negotiate "Serpents Tail", "Town Falls" and also "JJ's"

This is one of the best rafting rivers in the UK and this year we will be rafting it.

Price from: £55 per person including all equipment and instruction